The end is the beginning! I am in Eldoret


After my boyfriend and I have watched Dark, my conception of time really changed. Time is relative, and that's for sure: we learn this since we are kids. When we are doing something nice, time flies. When we are bored, it is stuck. But relativity of time is more than this. Relativity of time is that I have just slept for 18 hours that felt like 5. It is that I travelled for so many hours and I can't count them - probably for the best, because in addition to all this confusion, they were also changing the clock in the UK the night I flew. So: I messed it up and now I have no idea of which time is in Europe or Africa or whenever. I travelled to the future (Dubai), and then came back to the present, to the Kenyan time. Does it matter? "Yesterday, today and tomorrow are not consecutive, they are connected in a never ending circle. Everything is connected".

Friends, family and colleagues. I made it. After all that could go wrong before departing, after posting my last news from Dubai: I am writing now to say that I am safely in Kenya. Thanks for all the messages and calls that I received and I missed because I was finally sleeping like a log!

Thats really what you wanna know!

The flights Manchester-Dubai, Dubai-Nairobi passed so quickly. Mainly, I slept. Probably I was so focused on the task, and I knew that I needed to save my energies, and also that I couldn't start complaining so early, that reaching Nairobi was just easy. Again, "what if everything that comes from the past was influenced by the future?". The future: the chore: the final aim. I needed to arrive in Eldoret. The future was keeping me calm and focus in the past. 

From Nairobi it was a bit rocky, but mainly because I was low on energies. I needed to go out of the airport, get my visa, collect my 35kg luggages, go through the customs because I had some special equipment, drop off a case to someone - who was late, re-access the airport, check-in my big luggage once more, go through the security again. Electronics off, liquids off. etc etc etc. All that you would expect, right? But I was so tired that I adopted my 3words "golden rule" for surviving: be quick, cunning and cheeky, if needed. 

It didn't really work.

I almost fight with a French lady who was laughing at me when things were felling off my luggage. I was trying to convince the hostess that 2 extra kilos were nothing, when checking-in my overweight luggage (I knew it was overweight, I just thought I could get along with it 😈). I tried to pass the security without taking off the laptop - and obviously, I was sent back - just because I had no energy to take everything out of a hand luggage that was now 2 kilos more.

The flight for Kisumu was late of 1 h. I started panicking that we wouldn't have made it before 12pm. Once in the airport, a tiny airport super crowded of people that were trying to escape Nairobi at the same time, I was so tired that I left my all body and the 20kg on my shoulders falling down to the floor against a wall. I was fine, just tired, but two American guys came to me thinking I was fainting and brought me a Fanta. And let me sit in their chair. I may not be efficient, cunning and cheeky, but I act very well 😁.

I slept all the flight to Kisumu. Woke up just before landing, and luckily: the lake Kisumu and the lake Victoria were shining and reflecting the sun. It was beautiful. I started crying so hard that my neighbour on the plane, a woman under the chador, started fidgeting around her dress to search for some tissues.

I made to Eldoret, after 3 hours in the car. I have very few memories of it, except that we stop somewhere and I really felt like a beer. Sometimes, I was opening my eyes and I have chopped memories of cows in the middle of the streets; three kids on a bike; palms, jungle, greenery; red mud; big holes in the street; massive tracks with "god see you!" banner in the back; women selling veg at the border of the streets.

I am not sure what is reality anymore. I don't even know where all this started and ends. But once more, quoting Dark, "the end is the beginning, and the beginning is the end". Let's see what begins from here!


  1. See, Americans are not so bad after all, are they? ;)


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