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Things I will miss and things I will not miss about Kenya

So, tomorrow I am leaving. After 6 months in this country, I can definitely affirm that I will miss: 1. The awesome taste of Kenyan fruit - especially of pineapple, mangos and watermelon. 2. People selling, bargaining and working in the streets - while in the West all these activities are confined inside a shop or a room. 3. The diligence of Kenyan people in washing their hands before food, and the mothers of the house coming to wash my hands with a basin and a jug of water because I am the guest. 4. The diligence of Kenyan people in wearing masks - I am sure I will miss this I the UK. 5. The taste of Chapati. 6. Kenyan mothers, their strength, their dedication and love for their kids, their resilience to Life challenges. They have been so inspirational. Always with their kids hanged to their back, always ready to breastfeed. So naturally Mother Nature's. 7. The colours of African Kitenge, the awesome traditional dresses. 8. African music and to see Kenyans fuelled by it, immediate

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