Kenyan waterfalls!

Waterfalls are great. Everyone loves waterfalls. With their jumps in the emptiness, they create a hiatus, they suspend our breath, they create a flowing suspense of water and air which is never solved. 

Kenya has amazing waterfalls. Last week I visited two different ones. Koromosho waterfalls and Kessup waterfalls. 
Waterfalls are not all the same. Indeed, they can be very different.

Koromosho waterfalls are an example of umbrella or plunge waterfalls. They drop vertically without touching the underlying cliff face.

Typically, plunge waterfalls also generate enough spray to erode the underside of the cliff even further thereby causing alcoves or “caves” beneath the lip of the waterfall. Therefore, you can sometimes even go behind these types of waterfalls. That's what we did - also because you cant go to the feet: water is too powerful and dangerous there!

Kessup waterfalls are horse tail or fan waterfalls: they tend to fan out as they drop on a steep slope while still maintaining contact with the underlying cliff face.
They have a very cuddling potential, especially if you go at their feet. Their droplets are tickling you, refreshing you like thousands of needles. It's like a natural acupuncture ;-)

And you can easily stay at their feet, where they usually calm down and flow gently.

The power of Nature is extraordinary and I am so lucky to benefit from it. Ultimately,  as someone said, "mother nature is the greatest artist, and water is one of her favourite brushes"!


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