Why such a bad English?

Being a non-native English speaker may give you lots of trouble - especially if you are trying to get your PhD in English and you need someone to always proofread what you are writing (like all the previously enslaved friends who I am thanking here again!)

But daily no, you won't have any problem. This because English people are all so polite and kind that they will always just listen as if they understood, and never correct you ;-)

Apart from this naughty note at the "watching the English", UK is great in hosting foreigners (or at least, it was and it still is in these early Brexit days! I am confident for the future 😊 ).

English people are generally amused by people speaking another language, and very well aware that most of them don't.

That's why I accommodated myself in deliberately mistaking sentences structures and word appropriateness ;-)

Just kidding, obviously. 

I am actually trying my best, and writing this blog in English to reach as many of my friends as possible. 

I am not a native speaker, and I don't pretend to be one. This gives you lots of benefits: for example, if you are in Wales your accent can immediately prove that you are not an enemy ;-)

Ah, I was kidding again.

I am not a native speaker, and to pretend to be one would just be silly. I know my writing is a bit messy, that I don't use columns and semicolumn in the right ways, that I often invent words and that my melodic accent may irritate someone's ears. But isn't this just a feature of my immigrant character, as for any other foreigner living abroad?

I must admit I like it. I should probably be more considerate of who has to understand me, but my English is good enough. Isn't it?

The aim of this post is: to whoever feels or thinks their English is not good enough, do not worry! Just try. My first year abroad, during my Erasmus in Poland, I used to formulate sentences that could be only understood after a pint of vodka!

It improves! Slowly, but it improves!

Just try, don't be scared, don't panic. 

English language is the key of any trip, is the best skills I got from school, is the greatest investment I have made of my time.

It's still not perfect, but it is enough to keep posting here, and sorry: I am not gonna change/improve/proofread it, as I am not gonna feel stressed about communicating in a perfect way!

In fact, did you understand anything of this post?

Somewhere in Liverpool, March 2021


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